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Designing your artwork offline

Prepare your designs

If you have access to a designer, we recommend they prepare your artwork in one of the templates provided. These give helpful instructions on providing material in the correct format and size. Your designer should ensure:

  • That the image is the right size for the product purchased.
  • That the image is the appropriate orientation for the product and usage.
  • That the image is the correct DPI for the size being printed (typically 300 DPI).
  • That the colour profile is RGB.
  • That the file format is one of those supported.
  • That essential content is not included outside the visible area for the product.
  • That the bleed goes right to the edge and that crop marks are not visible.

Upload your artwork

Once you have your final artwork and it meets the above criteria, follow the link in the email we sent you and upload the artwork. You should click the “view proof” link as below, to check that your artwork looks right when printed. Only submit your artwork to us for printing when you’re totally happy, as there are no opportunities for adjustment after submission.                

If you have ordered multiple posters and want to have a different design on each, simply select "add artwork" again and keep adding new designs until you are done.